It’s no news that the world has many challenges that we face on a daily basis, and sometimes they are influenced by our surroundings. We have to deal with stolen cars, devastated houses, health problems, and other problems. That is why the need to make everything easier has become a responsibility of insurance brokers. In the past, insurance came about simply, fishing and maritime vocation were very common, and many ships were lost or damaged in an environment prone to natural disasters. It was then that local workers created a kind of “premium” delivered to those who suffered some damage. This premium was composed of money collected collaboratively from other workers. After all, one hand helps the other.

Insurance came from people to people, and it is of common interest that everyone has access and the right to this kind of benefit, but the reality in many countries is not like this. For example, in Brazil, where Ezok begins its journey, only 15% of the population has life insurance. For our company, the need to facilitate the world of insurance came from seeing the pains of others, but who is helping the insurance brokers who are the main facilitators of this category worldwide? We are proud to say that we are here for that!

With all the technological advances, it has become essential for brokers to automate their back office to deliver better results for their customers. With the implementation of Ezok’s automation, brokers can have more time to focus on other activities that do not involve so much bureaucracy, administration, and repetitive work. The solution to this problem lies in having the next intelligent policy automation, giving programmed efficiency to specific departments without depending so much on humans.

The director of the Brazilian company SICOOB, says- “Ezok helped us automate 35 brokerage processes. Today, our largest team is in customer service and business, previously it was administrative. In addition to not hiring more employees for processes, those that remain are more productive because repetitive tasks are reduced to a minimum. This move was key for us to double our size in the last three years.

In the Canadian automation market, Ezok promises to dispel the image that automation is only for large companies; insurance brokers can also have artificial intelligence in their daily work. Insurance companies communicate through e-mail, API calls, and other means, and let’s face it, nobody has time to send a thousand e-mails a day.

We automate the CRM of insurance brokers by having our bots access the insurance company’s system and come back with important information such as missing Requirements, Refusals, Cancellations, Claims, Commissions, and other types of policy information. And have them directly integrated into the CRM’s, such as Pipedrive and RBC.

Of course, different companies have different needs, that is why Ezok provides a service with a planning model, where we find the primary automation needs and combine them with the client’s wishes, delivering the best automation result.

Ezok has been creating space for all brokers to have artificial intelligence within their companies. Ezok is here to remember the time when we had the purpose of helping others but guiding for a better future, following the technological changes and not letting the “boat sink” with so much bureaucracy. Ezok will help you in simplifying your life and making the insurance easy for everyone.

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